Lower Bridge Street – Peterborough

Client: Skanska

Duration: September 2016 – July 2017

Work commenced in September 2016 and was completed in July 2017, in association with Skanska and Peterborough Highways. Works included new paving in keeping with the appearance of Bridge Street and Long Causeway, as well as new seating, improved cycle routes, lighting, more cycle parking and a new covered cycle shelter.

Other works have included new lighting and surfacing through the underpass which links to the Embankment, and improvements to road crossings on Bourges Boulevard and by the Old Customs House.

Four pieces of public art are also due to be installed and revealed before the end of the year.

The artwork will celebrate the life of Henry Penn, an important historic local figure who had a foundry at the site near the river over 300 years ago. His works includes the hour bell at Peterborough Cathedral which is still in use today. Henry Penn Walk, a footpath along the river is also names after him.

The four pieces of public art installed on completion of the project were:

  • Bell sculpture – This is five metres high with a granite inlay and a brass sound wave floor design. Due to its height, a planning application for this has been submitted.
  • Information panel – With a biography of Henry Penn and a map of the county with bells made by foundry plotted.
  • Three timber posts with riverside themed carvings – These will act as a gateway to the subway footpath, which will be renamed ‘Foundry Walk’.
  • Timber raised planter – With designs representing the old quayside next to the foundry, where the bells were loaded onto barges to be taken to churches across the county.